Thursday, June 4, 2015

Hazel goes abstract

I was painting some furniture outside and thought shed like to join me.  I taped a large paper to the sidewalk, gave her paint and a paint brush and she did the rest.  This masterpiece now hangs above her bed.  She painted every white area of that paper... and herself almost:)

A day in our house/ potty training day one

I love the idea of documenting and entire day in pictures. The morning I started potty training Hazel, I say a blog post similar on a friends page.  It seemed like a good day to try it out. 

So first of all I didn't start until mid morning, so we are missing getting Rhylan and Gracin off to school. 

We started off by trying to get lots of liquids in her little tummy.  I wanted to give her lots of time to practice going potty on the first day.
Potty training requires a lot of attention and one on one interaction through out the entire day.  She never left my side!!  We had a busy day for sure.  First we played Blokus.  I loved seeing her little mind at work.  I think math is going to come easy for her.  It wasn't hard to find spots for the tiles.
I had her always sitting on this towel... you know just in case.
No time to fix her hair... okay I never fix her hair.  She screams if I try.  It is usually a total disaster of knots in the back and I'm sure painful to brush out.  If we are staying at home, it looks like this.
She was watching a show while I cleaned up breakfast.  I wanted her right near me instead of heading up stairs where I couldn't catch her in the act.
After I cleaned up and she watched a show, we headed outside for some side walk chalk.  We were drawing rainbows and letters then she asked me to trace her foot... over and over again.  Its funny what makes them happy.
After we came inside the floor was covered in little pink footprints!  So I thought it would be a good time to mop, because lets face it, it had been a while. 
Right in the kitcher Hazel had her sticker chart for going potty.  She loved to count her stickers after each flush, getting closer and closer to her prize!
She felt like it was time for another show but... mom said no.
Instead, she searched the cabinet for our next activity.
Bucket of dinosaurs it is.  We make families, color sorted, and flew around the room with these for quite a while.  They are her new favorite toy.
She kept playing while I slipped into the kitchen to make lunch.  It's easy to please just one child at time.  I made us cheese crisps and fruit.
After lunch we headed up stairs to find a new activity but had a potty emergency.  She wanted to "do it myself!!" while she washed her hands.  Even with a stool she couldn't reach.
Backdown stairs to our trusty towel, this time we got out the mega blocks. We made towers to destroy and cars to crash.  Lots of giggles from this girl today. 
Next we took a break to snuggle on the couch for a min.  She wanted to make funny faces for the camera, so we did.
Notice she is still in the same panties!! She was doing so good at getting to the potty on time.  I was so proud.
Later we got out the wood blocks to make more towers to knock down. 
When you get board of the blocks the tub they were in is always fun!
Oh wait I found the glasses again, take my picture.
Next we had to get dressed and head to the bus stop to pick of these kids for there almost last day of school!!
Still no accidents, but her shorts didn't fit as well with panties as they did with a diaper.
We were all hot and exhausted, so we headed to the backyard for popsicles and sprinklers.  We do that pretty often around here in May. 
While we were outside I remembered the grass sprinklers were about to turn on and second.  I didn't feel like giving them any warning.  I know mean rights!?? But they were playing in the sprinklers already anyway.  I thought they would think it was funny to take them by surprise.  It was:)
By the end of the day Hazel had earned her first potty prize!! She was so excited to finally get her sea horse. 

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