Wednesday, September 24, 2014


I now taking pictures of other people's kid more often than my own!  It is very exciting for my photography business to be taking off like this but I do miss having time to edit my own pictures.  I took a break from fall pictures to edit these I took of Rhylan last month.  I can't believe ho big she is getting, she is kind and smart and so fun to hang out with.  I am so lucky to me her mom.-- I just love the no front teeth smile:)

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Rhylan had a soccer game on her birthday this year (May 30) so after the game we went out to eat, her choice was Chili's.  She had a great day playing with her new toys and hanging with the family.  She is now a big 7 year old, so sweet, tries really hard to choose the right always, is a good friend, example of Christ, very helpful, shy, kind, quiet, loud, loves to sing, loves art and birds,

My 30th birthday

I was not excited about turning 30 this year!!  Ugh, but nothing I can do about it:)  On my birthday Riley and I went to Gaslight theater.  It was so much fun.  I went a few times before over 10 years ago.  Such a fun place.

Pet beetle

We caught this guy in our backyard one night.  Hazel was so sad when she found out she couldn't keep it as a pet!!

New car

After another day having our van in the shop (for the 7th time since moving to Tucson) We decided we needed a more reliable car!  After tons of research for the best car (price, gas mileage, space, and reliability) we decided the Honda Pilot is the best car for us.  We love our new ride.  All three kids even fit in the middle seat but we can also spread out and use the 3rd row too:)

50s party

We were able to go to the 50's party at my parents ward during forth of July.  The kids loved the box car parade and had fun making their own cars.  Rhylan even won the Hula Hoop contest!!


The three brother in laws getting ready for their first (of many I'm sure) paintball fights (Lance is new to the family, they had to haze him a little!)


Rhylan and Gracin were both in soccer this summer.  Rhylan loved it and really was catching on to the fundamentals this year.  Gracin love to go to practice and have fun with his friends making tons of goals... but hated it on game day.  He didn't like how everyone didn't have their own ball.  He said "I don't like real soccer!! I like practice soccer."

Pima County Fair

The fair is a great place to get your face painted:)

Hazel and Gracin

These two are really good buddies.  Hazel adores him and Gracin is so sweet to her.

Terrible 2s

Hazel is such a terrible 2 year old!!!! These two disasters happened the same hour... the wipe mess happened while I was cleaning up the Instant breakfast mess... 

Rhylan swimming

Tucson in the summer equals lots of swimming.  We love our community water park and pools.  This summer Rhylan took swimming lessons again.  (Gracin still wanted nothing to do with lessons)Rhylan absolutely loves to swim and enjoys swim lessons.  By the end of the summer she could swim across the entire length of the pool at 7 ft deep!!! Still so impressed with this!

So you see the little girl in the back about 2 feet shorter than the rest of her class? Yep that Rhylan in the pink and black!

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