Saturday, June 29, 2013

Make something Monday!

I have been cooking up something fun with the kids every Monday this summer!  Gracin really likes to help in the kitchen.  I think its because he really likes treats.  We made frozen, chocolate covered bananas, cupcakes cooked in ice cream cones, (found that in pinterest), and no-bake cookies!   And yes, I usually put shorts on Gracin in the morning.  But after he goes to the bathroom a couple times, who knows where they end up!!

Hazel loves blanky

Hazel can usually be found with a blanket on her head!  I bring one to church to make her happy during Sunday School and RS.  If she is sad I just grab it and drape it over her shoulders, in the car I can just throw it back on her car seat, covering her head and she is happy.  She really likes these light linen type ones but she has been known to put a twin size blanket, towel, shirts, dress up gowns, pretty much anything soft on her head.  She will even play with toys while hiding.  None of my other kids were ever attached to a blanky like this.  Its just something we love about Hazel Bug!

Wall art

Our new favorite way to beat the heat! 

 reveal and laugh!!

Then, lay out in the sun to warm up again!

Scooter/bike night 6-3-13

This was her first ride outside!!
One night we were waiting for Riley to get home from work and it was a beautiful overcast sunset.  Perfect for hanging outside.  So, we all went out for some scooter and bike rides back and forth in front of the house until it got dark!  That is what summer is all about right?  Gracin was able to ride Rhylan's bike for the first time!  He was pretty slow but he had a blast finally being able to ride it!  Rhylan was getting really good at scooting around.  She had only had it a few days and was having so much fun already.

100 degrees and holding steady! 5-31-13

This was the last day of May!!  Every single day since then, it has been over 100* here.  We frequently stay inside, go outside in the early morning, or are getting wet!  This was our first day with the little sprinkler.  Yeah they had fun:)

Rhylan is six!!! 5-30-13

We started the morning opening birthday presents!!  She received some fun gifts, but her favorite was the Hello Kitty scooter (she picked out!)  She also opened lots of art stuff, a jump rope, sun dress, sparkly shoes, fancy belts, glitter nail polish, neon head bands, beginner piano books, and knee pads/elbow pads. It was strange to have a birthday without a bunch of toys--she is growing up!!)

Rhylan has grown us so much this last year.  She finished Kindergarten near the top of her class.  She is so smart and always obeyed all the rules.  She loves to make new friends, cares about others and is always trying to serve people around her.  She loves cats and horses, she wants to be a pop star, animal doctor, or dolphin trainer when she grows up.  Her favorite toys are Littlest Pet Shops and My Little Ponys.  She loves to sing and dance, help cook, do chores, play with stuffed animals, do art and make crafts all by her self.  She play with Gracin and Hazel so well.  She always shares her toys with them and makes sure they are happy.  Rhylan likes to surprise people with a clean toy room or making our bed or cleaning up a mess she sees without being told. She is one special girls and we LOVE HER!!!

We had a birthday party in the afternoon.  I swapped a friend in our ward, family pictures for this cake!  Isn't it perfect.  Rhylan stared at it at least 30 min waiting for her friends to arrive.  It even had cats on it, her favorite!!  For the food, we had puppy biscuits (chocolate animal crackers), Kitty food (gold fish), Bird berries (blue berries), and bunny bites (carrots and dip.) And cake of course!


First, each girl received a Secret Pet shop at the adoption center.  Then they were able to decorate their houses for their new Pet Shop animal.  Rhylan's loves art so this was a great activity for her party.  Next, they took their houses and new Pet Shops to the toy room and made a town and played for a while.  Rhylan just loves to be with her friends, I thought she would much rather just play than have a bunch of party games.  I was right!  While they played I painted their faces.  They were able to choose puppy or kitty face.  They were so cute!  Then presents and cake.  I think it was a success.  I was a bit nervous.  This was her first part that wasn't all the kids from our ward.  In fact none of these girls were in our ward they were all from her kinder class.  They were so happy to see each other- it had been a WHOLE WEEK since school was let out.

Daisy, Rhylan, Megan, Jannah

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