Friday, May 31, 2013

Rhylan's Kindergarten Graduation 5/20/2013

 Mrs. Montes, her teacher.

 I wanted some pictures with her friends.  Maisie and Rhylan.
 Rhylan and Daisy
 Rhylan and Victoria

 Our little Cottonwood Coyote!

New games

We have been playing new games in our house lately.

Ghosts.  This is Hazel's favorite.  She puts her blanket on all by herself and runs around just like Rhylan and Gracin.

Super heroes.  Gracin has been watching some Iron Man cartoons and really likes his Iron Man costume now!  He puts it on every other day at least.  Rhylan and Hazel put on some capes and they are one unstoppable team.

Airplane. I fly the kids up on my feet.  We do this a lot.  The kids never get tired of it but man, my legs do!

Take pictures.  Gracin has found a love for photography:) He takes pictures all day, like me.  This time he wanted to take a picture of me while I was taking a picture of him.

Quick trip to Pinetop 5/4/2013

I decided last minuet to head to Pinetop for the weekend.  We spend one day at the park, having a picnic and playing.  It was a perfectly cool day.  

Hazel and Desmond. Hazel is 5 months older that this chub!! We were laughing at his size compared to hers!!  Also you can definitely tell a difference in skin tone.  Cute little cousins.

Sabino Canyon 5/2/2013

We head out for a family outing to Sabino Canyon.  We planned to take a hike and explore around.  But when we got there, they told us about a fun place to take kids.  There was a short hike to a tiny water fall and a pool in the stream that we could play in.  We didn't know we would be playing in water so we didn't bring the right clothes.  So we took off the kids shorts and they played in their shirts and underwear.  All 3 of the kids eventually were wet heat to toe!  Lucky for us we live in the desert and their shirts were dry in no time.  We had so much fun.  This is the kind of stuff I did as a kid all the time.  We are trying to do more stuff like this as a family.

"Mom we are Popstars" 5/1/2013

Snuggle time 4/28/2013

Botanic Gardens 4/27/2013

Riley's parents came for a weekend visit!  We decided to spend one morning at Tucson Botanic Gardens.  We had never gone before.  While we were getting everything ready Hazel grabbed a book and took it to Papa.  It was pretty sweet. 
Our favorite part of the gardens was the butterfly house.  We spent a lot of time in there watching butterflies move all around us.  This picture below is a huge moth, bigger than my hand.

Rhylan stood here holding very still forever.  She was hoping that if she didn't move, a butterfly would land on her. 

The kids were raking in the Zen Garden.
The cactus garden was unique, with some interesting plants and lots of lizards.
We ended up in the shade, in the children's garden.  We found a sand box and let the kids play a while.

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