Friday, May 30, 2014

Rhylan celebrated her birthday during the day and played her last soccer game during the evening!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


What summer looks like.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Dirt or Grass?

Since we moved in our backyard has just been dirt.  The kids know how to make the best of the situation. They wanted grass but didn't seem to mind playing in the dirt.  They dug holes, make roads, collected rocks, make fairy house out of weeds, hung out in their "sand box" --I just loosened up some dirt with a shovel.  But the dirt was so ugly, tracking through my house, and we had bigger plans.  Oh and I just love our view of desert, trees, and mountains right from our back yard, we are lucky.

So we had sod installed, a nice paver border, and pea gravel spread around the rest of the yard.  We love it!!  It is so pretty to see green out the window.  (Most of those yellow spots have turned green now. )
This was the first night we had grass, they just wanted to lay on it!

Easter Weekend

Our mothers group had a fun Easter egg hunt, at the park, right before Easter.  Hazel quickly learned there was candy inside those pink eggs.  She wanted to open each egg as she found it and eat the treat before she would look for another egg.  One time I noticed that her basket was only full of pink eggs.  I guess she does have a favorite color.  I'm betting she likes pink because Minnie Mouse wears pink.  She has been loving the swing lately, so after she was full of sugar I push her in the swing for a while.  These pictures show pure happiness, just like she brings to our family.

Dyeing eggs.  Their eggs always turn out pastel colors because they are too impatient to wait. Oh well they had fun.


Rhylan's first grade put on a musical called "Squirm."  Her class was the worms!  It was so cute and fun.  I've been hearing her sing these songs for weeks around the house.  She even had a speaking part, so proud of this bug!  We had a great time watching her dance and sing with her friends.


I was practicing getting natural smiles for a photography class I was teaching.  Gracin was a very willing subject.  Basically all I have to do with Gracin is ask him to tell me a joke... I laugh, he laughs repeat:)  He is such a happy kid.  I never said "okay smile, say cheese" these are all natural.  I'm so glad I have these pictures. This really illustrates him well.  His hair is usually a little bed-headish, he loves superhero jammies and wears them as long as he can, and he loves life.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Swings and trampoline

The weather here in spring is PERFECT!!!  We spend a lot of time outside in our backyard playing with the big toys.

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