Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Gracin gets lost

 I often find Gracin like this: lost in a good book.  He loves to grab a bunch, sit, and just read.  I really enjoy this about him.  He is one smart boy and likes to learn.   He particularly likes this set of sight word books I have.  He can read all 20 of them-every word.  He would listen to books read aloud all day if I had the time and patience (and no other kids!)  He really is a special boy and we love him in our family.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Radiator Springs

Our first stop (after getting a fast pass of course!) was Cars Land!!

Gracin was LOVING it!  They recreated Radiator Springs in life size!   It was really neat.  We had so much fun just walking around looking at everything.
Gracin met Lightning McQueen and Mater twice!! We went back after dark and hung out in Radiator Springs again until the park closed.
They were also lucky enough to ride the Radiator Springs Racers even though Gracin wasn't tall enough.  We put inserts in his shoes but he was BARELY too short.  There were some problems with the ride shutting down through out the day.  So when they finally go in line, the crew were just trying to get people through the line as fast as possible and never checked Gracin's height!  Gracin said "  I got to ride the red car!  Lightning McQueen is fast!" I guess they won the race and were excited about that!

Here they are waiting in line for their FIRST RIDE or the day!!!  Can you tell they are excited:)  We rode Luigi's Tires while we waited for our turn to ride Radiator Springs Racers. 

This ride above us was our favorite.  It's called Mator's Junkyard Jamboree.  We were able to all ride it twice.  Both kids were laughing and smiling the whole ride.  I even thought that was the best ride.

Hazel was a good sport.  She had to spend most of the time here in her new stroller in the shade!  I also held her in the sling a lot. 

Gracin was excited to meet Mater but when we got close, the loud noises he makes were scaring him.  Mater talks to the kids and it sounds like his motor is on.  The guy working there asked Mater if he could hold his breath for a bit!  (they turned off the sounds) Gracin was then able to go and stand next to him.  Mater still moved his eyes and wiggles back and forth.  They treated these cars like they were people, it was so cool!  When I asked the kids about their favorite parts of Disneyland Gracin said "Say hi to Mater!"

Here he is with Lightning -who was also holding his breath.  The cars say stuff directly to the kids in the same voices from the movies.  When Gracin was scared to go up, he said "Don't worry buddy" or "lets get a picture!"

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

California visit

We planned our vacation so that we could see our best buddies the Millers! They were our next door neighbor's in Oregon. We pretty much saw them at least every other day. We have really missed them since we moved. They were in town visiting family one of the days we were so we spent all day together. First we went to a trampoline place and let them jump while we talked and watched. They kids were so excited to play together. I guess Ethan and Rhylan also made plans to get married someday:) Then we headed to the park and played until they were starving and exhausted. We ended our fun with lunch at Red Robin. We plan to continue this tradition to meet up in California as often as we can.

Hazel kept venturing out onto the trampolines, it looked like fun!
Gracin was the the only kid holing still long enough to photograph.  He had a blast!

These two are only a month apart in age!  They were only about 6 months last time we saw them now they are almost 1 year olds!  They grow so fast.

California Vacation take 1

We headed to California for 5 days during the last week in February!  We had a blast.  My parents let us use their time-share right by Disneyland.  As soon as we got into our room we got dressed and headed for the pool.  IT WAS FREEZING.  Okay the water wasn't too bad but getting out of the pool caused hypothermia!  Rhylan and I went swimming again the next day too.  That time, I convinced her to actually put her head under the water, no goggles and no floaties.  She was so proud of herself for swimming to me from the steps over and over again!  It was fun to see her be brave and trust me.  This was Hazel's first experience with swimming, she thought it was fun to splash and kick but don't like the cold:)

Friday, March 15, 2013

Hazel learns to walk. Day 1

On Monday Hazel just let go of the couch and headed off walking! She is 11.5 months old.

Watch "Hazel walks" on YouTube

Hazel walks take 2

Hazel had to wear this necklace before she was ready to walk.

Watch "Hazel puts on her necklace" on YouTube

Monday, March 11, 2013

Q and U wedding

On Valentines Day, Rhylan's class had a Q and U wedding.  It was a fun way to help them remember Q and U stick together no matter what!  I also think it was a fun thing to do on Valentines day and have a party/reception.  One girl and one boy from each kinder class was picked randomly to be the bride/Q and groom/U.  Rhylan was SO EXCITED to be chosen as the bride for her class.  (As long as she didn't have to kiss the groom.)  Mrs. Montes even had a special bride dress for her to wear that day.  Riley was off of work so the whole family was able to come to the wedding. 
Walking down the isle.
Here are the 3 brides from the 3 kinder classes.

Opening Valentines at the party/reception:)


Gracin became a Sunbeam this year!!  I was pretty nervous for him.  He is not one to sit still for very long-- unless he is reading a book!  He doesn't like to sing and has a hard time waiting his turn.  He is also very stubborn and strong so he is hard to control when he wants to be difficult.  The first week he decided to sit with Rhylan's class.  The primary pres. was okay with that but, Gracin just bugged and distracted Rhylan.  Then next Sunday he had been taken out a few times and they came and got me.  It was a workout to try and get him to stay in his seat!  I eventually took him out 2-3 times ending in staying out in the hall.  The next Sunday was a little better we still ended up out in the hall just once.  It kept getting better after that.  One Sunday I brought Smarties and after each song he sat through he got one.  He never got up once!  Yes, I bribed him with candy but hey it worked.  And yesterday I didn't go in at all!!  I peeked in the window and his teacher gave me a smile and a thumbs up!  I guess he was doing good.  When Riley picked him up from class his teacher said "he is still a bit wiggly, but he is getting better every time."  I am so thankful for his great patient teachers.  I am so proud of my big boy doing his best to be a SUNBEAM!

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