Saturday, September 28, 2013

Swimming lessons pics

In the end Gracin NEVER went back in the water.  He was too afraid and didn't want to do it.  Too bad I already paid.  But I guess it was worth it because, Rhylan basically had private lessons since Gracin's wasn't in her class anymore.  She started out not even being able to put her face in the water and ended up being able to swim all the way across the pool without any help!! She can do back floats, back and kick, jumping from the edge and swimming, swim with big arms and kicking, take breaths by herself and then keep swimming without any support or help, and dive to get rings!!! She seriously amazed me and I am so proud of her.  She skipped a few levels and now absolutely LOVES to swim!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Family pictures Summer 2013

I'm so happy I had my dad take a few family pictures while we were there for Labor Day weekend.  The backdrop is gorgeous! and looks go great with our outfits.  I am so pleased with the way these turned out. 

Gracin's birthday

Gracin turned 4 years old in July.  He had a great day playing with all his new toys and getting lots of attention.  We later went goofy golfing as a family to celebrate.  Gracin is really loving boy.  He never forgets to give kisses and hugs.  He always lets you know how he feels.  He is usually really mad or REALLY happy.  He has extreme emotions.  All day during his birthday he kept saying over and over "I love my birthday, I love my birthday!!!" or I love my superman cake!! or I love my Iron Man scooter!!  He spend most of his day scooting around the house and playing pirates.  We sure love this boy:)  I tried to do an interview with him but his answers were always "all of them."  Whats your favorite color? All of them! Whats your favorite food? cake, um all of them! Whats your favorite movie? All of them!! Seriously he is easy to please.

First day of school

Okay this is way late!!!
Two weeks before we moved, Rhylan and Gracin started school!! Rhylan couldn't wait to start but was a little nervous to go to a new school.  She was worried about making friends and that her teacher wouldn't be as nice as Mrs. Montes.  But as soon as she met Ms. Vartola, she couldn't wait for the first day of school to begin. She has to wear school uniforms now and I think she looks so cute.

Her desk was right in the front row, here she is all ready for her big day!! I cried when I left.  I can't believe she was starting full day school.  I sure do miss her during the day.  But she loves it and is doing so well.

Gracin started Pre-School that same day!!--love this photo bomb picture:)
He really was SOOO EXCITED to start school.  He wasn't nervous at all.  I think that will be a trend for him.  He never cried when he started nursery, he just loves change and loves to be with people.  He picked out his own outfit and was really excited to actually use his backpack.  He only goes 2 days a week for 3 hours at a time.  So he's not gone very much.

Blurry phone shot!  He didn't even look back!  He told me "you go home now."
So each day I drove 45 min to drop Rhylan off at school.  Then I would drive back home.  About 2 hours later I would head back another 45 min drive to drop off Gracin at school.  Then Hazel and I had 3 hours to spare!  I wasn't going to make the 45 min drive home just to come back.  So we headed to do a little shopping, and eat lunch with Riley!  She really enjoyed the individual attention.  After I picked up the big kids we had to head to finish up the last 2 weeks of swimming lessons an hour from their new schools! So I was living in my car for two weeks.  Hazel and I were driving from 10:30 am until 4:30 pm!! We were so glad to move in and avoid all this!
Waiting to pick up Rhylan.

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