Monday, July 22, 2013

Gracin's party!

 A few days after Gracin's birthday we went to his "party."  We headed to Golf n' Stuff to play mini golf.  It was there first time going.  They were having so much fun and loved to be someplace new.  Gracin kept saying "I love golfing!!"  Here are some pictures from our family party.
They are checking out some ducks.
Hazel finally was able to get out toward the end or our activity.  She decided Riley and my golf balls were hers and enjoyed putting them in and out of the holes.  She also claimed Riley's club about halfway through and wouldn't give it back.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Pizza night

One night we each made our own pizza!! The kids really had fun and took time to make their pizza look good! We started with whole wheat pitas, they smeared on the pizza sauce, added a layer if fresh spinach, a ton of cheese, and olives. Then they sat by the oven and watched the 10 min they cooked. Every one ate every bite. A dinner story success. Most of our dinner stories don't end so happily ever after.


We have had steady rain every day since July 1st.  I love the rain.  Growing up in Arizona you don't get to see it all that much.  I was so excited to take pictures of the lightning!!  I guessed it was going to be difficult, I was right.  I just couldn't predict very well where in the sky to point my camera.  But I did get a few fun shots!

Monsoons bring clouds and beautiful sunsets too!

Cream Cheese

When Hazel eats cream cheese and crackers, I'm not sure if any cream cheese ever gets inside her mouth.  She always looks like this when she's done.

 Another new trick "Hazel, where is your hair?"

Sister tea party

The first official sister tea party!! I'm sure there are plenty more to come.

Skate park

One morning before it got hot and before the teenagers were out of bed, we headed to our local skate park to let Rhylan use her new skills.  She had a great time "scooting" up and down ramps, going really fast, "jumping" and just being free to ride! Gracin chased her around with his helmet on.

A member of the adoring audience!


Hazel always has crazy hair, but right when she wakes up... it's lovely.  She is still so happy to see me in the morning it makes my day.  Riley calls her little beaver.  There are bite marks and chew scars all over her crib that never were there with Rhylan or Gracin!! 


Hazel loves to splash!!! One evening we headed to the back yard to just hang out.  Hazel had a blast splashing everyone, finding a little puddle to sit in, and look adorable in her swim suit.  Gracin was playing with his flying Mater truck and didn't really want his picture taken.  And Rhylan was playing in the mud.  She painted her feet, toys, and rocks with mud.  It had been a while since I really sat and took pictures of them, so there are a ton!!  Hazel is always a more cooperative model

This is the face Gracin makes for me when I ask for a smile!

"Hazel where is your belly?"

who's checking