Sunday, September 23, 2012

Soccer days

Super star--VIDEO LINK

So the last 2 soccer games Rhylan hasn't really enjoyed. She cried most of last game. She doesn't like when the other team is better than her.  We had a good talk this morning, our goal for today was no tears, and to say yes whenever her coach asked her to go in. The first 10 min she did awesome!! She scored 4 goals in a row. She loved that. After that, she started to slow down a bit. It's hard work running that long... I think... I don't run that long:) She helped her team score another goal then got a "tummy ache." But she didn't cry and she kept going in. I'm so proud of her. I think she actually enjoyed soccer today.
Here is a video of her 4th goal she made.

Click on the YouTube link below.

Watch "Rhylan scores a goal" on YouTube

First day of Soccer

She was much more aggressive than I thought she would be!! She went after that ball.  She even made a goal!  But when the other team would score or steal the ball, she got sad.  We have been working on being a good sport since then.  This was at the beginning of her first game.  After about half time, she wasn't interested in playing any more:)

I know these pics are different color, but sometimes I don't want to edit all the pictures I have, ya know?  I just want to put them on my blog and not worry about it!

Hazel bath time

One morning I decided to give Hazel a bath and take pictures.  She usually takes bath right before bedtime, when the sun isn't out.  So I wanted to capture her in the bath with natural light.  She had a blast splashing away.  She enjoyed it more than usual I think because she wasn't tired and ready for bed.  I really wanted to get a picture of all her adorable rolls--she has a couple:)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Rhylan starts kindergarten!!!

September 11, 2012

 This girl had a wonderful first day of school!! She had been excited for months for this, then all of the sudden these last 3 weeks she was getting "a little nervous."  I found out the real reason she was scared was because she thought the other kids would tease her.  After I talked to her and after she meet the other little kindergarteners, she was all smiles.  We went to her open house the day before school started and after that it was like waiting for Christmas morning.

I made her favorite breakfast, pancakes for her big day.  Then I took her to school.  Parents could walk them to the door on the first day, or drop them off at the "drop off spot."  We pull our cars right up the the teacher/aid and they come open our car door, hold their hand, and walk them to the "steps"  after that the kids walk down the breezeway to there class.  It's a kindergarten only area, there are only 4 doors, and nowhere else to go.  I decide to drop her off in the car.  I would have had a 3 year old and a baby to carry  through the crowded hall full of parents taking pictures and talking.  She didn't mind at all, she hopped out and yelled by mom and away she went!!  That was SOOOO HARD.  I cried instantly.  Did she make it to the class?  Did she get lost? Is she scared or sad?  I just was sort of freaking out, wishing I had walked her instead.  But she smiled and walked with confidence.  About 2 min later my friend who has a little boy in her class, text me saying Rhylan was so happy when she saw her in the classroom.  That made me feel so much better.  I continued to cry for about an hour.

Poor Gracin he missed her too.  He asked "where Rhylan" about every 20 min the first few hours.  Then at 1:45 we all go in the car to go get her (Riley was home for lunch.)  I parked the car and headed to the steps to pick her up myself.  She was the very first kid out of class.  The teachers walk them to this porch area and don't let them go until a parent has them or they walk them to our car in the pull thru area.  She was so smiley and happy.  She had a great day.  She was willing to tell us all the great details.  I asked her if she made friends she said "almost all the kids in school are my friends!"  I knew she would make friends-- of course she can't remember there names:)  They are working on that in class.  They read The Kissing Hand in class and we gave each other kissing hands.  She loved recess and art time.  She told me the class rules and routines. 

Today she was just as excited to go back.  Gracin-- after 2 hours of her gone he said "get in car mommy, go get Rhylan"  This could take some adjusting--for all of us:)  She was a little sad today at school because she missed home.  She also didn't like that she doesn't get to play with her toys all day.  When she gets home she has a snack and plays with Gracin and her toys.  She is such a good big sister. We are so proud of her for being so brave and being a good student!

Here are the rest of her 5 year old photo shoot!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fern Canyon

Our last adventure of the day was hiking thru Fern Canyon.  It is pretty much like what it sounds.  A small canyon lined with ferns.  It was gorgeous.  I guess they filmed part of Jurassic Park 2 here!  Any way we had a great time enjoying more dazzling nature all around us.

There were tons of these little wood bridges that helped you cross the little creek that was winding it's way thru the canyon.  The kids would run to them and call out "coco bridge!!!!"  Don't know where they heard that or what it means exactly but they had a blast.  They were both soaked by the end of this little expedition.

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