Monday, April 30, 2012

Hazel is one month!

Length: At 1 week- 20 inches (68%) At 2 weeks 21.3 inches (82%)
Weight: At 1 week 7lbs 12oz (45%) At 2 weeks 8lbs 4 oz (43%)
Physical changes: Gaining weight, moved from newborn diapers to size 1.  Still wears newborn clothes, but close to 0-3 months.  Getting some cradle cap and losing some hair. 
New skills, accomplishments, and talents: Tries to hold up head, smiles a lot.  Started smiling at 2 weeks old.  Turns head toward my voice. Fills her diaper all the time. Very happy baby.
Eating and sleeping habits:  Sleeps most of the time.  Only awake about 4 hours every 24 hours.  Likes to be awake from 10:00pm to midnight, but then will sleep 3-6 hours after that.  Then wakes every 2-3 hours after that, to eat.  Learning to go to sleep on her own.  She sleeps in the pack and play in parents room.
New places visited and new experiences: Visits to the doctor office, stores, parks, church.  We went to Provo for Uncle Mauricio’s graduation.  Only left the house once with just mom and Rhylan and Gracin, we went to the park.  We usually waited until the weekends for Daddy to be home and take us to the store.
Favorite things and activities: Likes to sit in the bouncy seat, likes to be held. Favorite places are laying on your tummy on mommys chest, least favorite is in the carseat.  Also doesn’t really like bath time but likes her hair to be washed.   Starting to like the binky more.   Likes to lay on her back and took around, not too sure about tummy time.


These pictures in the pink dress are from yesterday.  After church she took a nap like this.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

First Smiles!!!

Hazel surprised us and gave us a few big smiles one day! (It was during our Mom and Dad photo shoot.) She was only 2 weeks old but happy as can be. They totally caught me off guard, I know that is early. Rhylan never smiled until 6 weeks and I thing Gracin was closer to 4 weeks old. I can already tell Hazel is going to be one happy little girl.

Mom and Dad

These are so special to me!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

sleeping babies

I love to look at my kids asleep. It helps you remember how sweet they are, how beautiful they are, and wonderful they are. Babies are particularly precious when they are sleeping. Hazel was napping the other day and she just looked so peaceful.

Look she is smiling in this one, must be a good dream...

Monday, April 16, 2012

Riley's family comes to visit

Riley's parents and sister were able to come out for a day when Hazel was about 1 week old. All three kids got lots of extra love and attention.

Sunday, April 15, 2012


The other day the kids wanted to blow the bubbles they got in their Easter baskets. We have a small cement patio out the back of our house, I haven’t used too much. The last time we went out there, Gracin dropped a big rock on his finger and he lost his entire fingernail. It is about halfway grown back now but it was a very traumatic experience.

Being out there with bubbles reminded me so much of our fun summers in our backyard in Mississippi. We can’t wait to have one again (hopefully this summer!!) We also discovered how much fun a little puddle could be. I just poured some water on the cement and they had fun forever making feet and hand prints. I wish I was a kid again and could be entertained by such simple things! What a great life.

Saturday, April 14, 2012


Easter Morning the kids woke up and found that the Easter Bunny had visited our house!! Hazel and I stayed home from church and while they were gone, I hid the eggs for our own Easter egg hunt. When they got home from church they ran around the house collecting more eggs and candy!

Then we dyed eggs. I'm glad I used Koolaid because the first thing Gracin did was take a drink!

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