Thursday, February 28, 2013

In the Kitchen

My kids love to help in the kitchen.  Gracin will always scoot a dining chair over to the counter to help whenever I'm cooking up something tasty.  I think he likes to sneak in a taste.  Rhylan likes to get creative.  Here we are making pretzels from scratch.  They had a fun time and really enjoyed eating them up.

While the pretzels were baking we worked on some cake pops.  I had left over cake balls from our mothers group that morning.  I decided to melt some chocolate and have them decorate the leftovers.  Again, they had fun decorating but more fun eating!

humming birds

One day we put up this humming bird feeder outside our dining room window.  After about 3 days the humming birds started showing up.  They are actually here often.  All the kids love to watch the birds as we eat.  Rhylan is particularly interested in all birds and really enjoys sitting very still right next to the window to watch.  Hazel knows to look out the window when we say the word "hummingbird."  I even notice her checking the window all by herself. 

Super Strong & Super Smart

Rhylan and Gracin... oh I mean Super Smart and Super Strong!  (They picked their own names) 

These two super heroes have been hanging out at my house more often these days. They love to fly around and save any stuffed animal, baby sister, toy or mom who may be in trouble!  I am glad they are playing something Gracin likes too for a change.  These pictures just make me smile.

Gracin reads sight words

Gracin has just picked these up while Rhylan is learning them for school.  I didn't realize how many he knew!! It's amazing.  He has always been really interested in letters. I guess he is moving on to words. I didn't practice these with him, he just pays attention when I practice with Rhylan I guess.
Watch "Gracin reads sight words" on YouTube

Friday, February 22, 2013

I would still love you.

One day Gracin was being a pest toward Rhylan. After a "timenout" this was the conversation I heard.Gracin said "Rhylan I'm sorry for knocking over your towers and ponies."
Rhylan: "It's okay, I still love you and nothing can change that"
SO SWEET:) I must be doing something right

Then today Gracin head-butted me. It hurt pretty bad. Rhylan asked if I still loved Gracin even though he hurt me. I said "of course I do, would you still love Gracin if he hurt you?" She responded "yes I would always love him, even if he stole my juice box and drink it all!"

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hazel loves play time

Hazel is getting so big.  Next month is her birthday!! She has really started to enjoy playing with toys.  Here is another example of how she carries her toys around while crawling.
Everything goes in her mouth.

She really wants to go outside when the kids are out there.  Our backyard is landscaped with rocks. It is pretty frustrating, she cant crawl around or she eats the rocks.  But playing in the water table is something she can do!


Kids are so creative!  One day they grabbed their pinwheels and just ran all over the backyard.  Gracin was sporting a sweet outfit:)


Hazel was suffering from another ear infection.  I sat her on the couch, she crawled over to Riley and snuggled right up to him like this.  I thought it was precious.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

100th day of kindergarten

Rhylan recently celebrated her 100th day of school!  They made a huge deal of it at school!  They each had to make a 100's project to show to their class.  Rhylan used 100 beads to make this rainbow that we ironed together.
She is learning so much in school.  She last report card came home and she was at or above grade level in every assessment!  She is learning more about reading everyday, has the "best hand writing in the class" -her teacher said that.  She is a genius when it comes to math, she can solve word problems usually in her head and can count to 100 by 1's 5's and 10's. We are so proud of her, here she is working on her homework.
"Take my picture too!!"
"Mamamamama" that means take my picture too mama.

Playing together

My kids are getting better at playing together everyday.  Poor Gracin usually gets talked into (bossed around) playing what Rhylan wants to play like tea party, princesses, or Littlest Pet Shop.  He is such a good sport.  Sometimes they play school, house, queens/kings, super heroes, detectives, airplanes, ponies, doctor, restaurant, and anything else they can think of. 

Blue Eyes

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