Thursday, July 26, 2012

Nature bracelets

Another day without our moving truck... I put packing tape (one of the few things we did have!) around their wrists- sticky side out.  On our walk we gathered things to put on our bracelets. They both had so much fun filling up the tape that eventually they both had two, one on each wrist!  This is the park about 20 yards from our house.

Chetco Point

On those Saturdays when we where still without our stuff we decided to go out and explore.  One time we went to Chetco Point.  This is the beach right next to the downtown area.  It was just a short walk until our path forked.  One way to the beach and one way to an island, we choose the island!  It was so amazing.  The tiny island was covered in green and pine trees.  Once we got to the end, we were on a huge cliff over looking the waves crashing into the black rocks below.  After our island adventure we headed to the beach to explore some more.

The bridge to the island.
The view from on top of the cliff, the depth perceptions is weird here but we were high up! 
That rock in the upper left corner is covered in pelicans!
Once on the beach Riley and Rhylan found some tide pools, while Hazel, Gracin and I held back. 
Gracin really loves to watch the waves.  He stood like this for 20 min, hands behind his back, just watching the waves "CRASH!!" on the rocks in front of him. The beach was kind of dirty, mostly rocks and seaweed but it was a neat area. 

My birthday

My neighbor Jill noticed my birthday on the Relief Society announcements and offered to babysit Rhylan and Gracin during the evening.  Riley picked up dinner at the store and took me to our favorite Oregon beach (so far) and we had a wonderful time.  Birthday picnic on the beach with my husband, couldn't get much better than that!!  I am one lucky girl.  I asked Riley to not buy me any presents this year, but I asked for a coupon book from him. (meaning these are coupons like one 30 min back rub, one night out with the girls and he babysits etc) I am excited to use my birthday presents!  The kids each got me a potted plant, it was pretty sweet.  Riley had them each pick their own.  Then we went home and had birthday cake with the kids.  I had a wonderful day.

Then the next day, Jill had also planned a lunch for me!  It was so nice.  We went to our friend Marian's house for a yummy lunch with the girls.  The kids all had a blast playing together and we had fun eating and talking. Another great day.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

First time in the excersaucer

 Check out the droll!

 Oh hi mom, I didn't even notice you were there!

This is my favorite non-essential baby gear!!  Rhylan and Gracin have both spent many hours in this.  I am happy to report, Hazel does pretty well.  Making dinner is a LITTLE easier now!  She is still a bit small for it.  The age recommendations start at 4 months but she is getting close.

Hazel 3 months

June 29, 2012
Physical Changes: starting to get a little peach fuzz on the top of her head, skin cleared up, gaining more weight and moved up to size 1-2 diapers, outgrown all newborn clothes,

New Skills, Accomplishments and Talents: holds head up very well during tummy time, can roll over from tummy to back-mostly fall over, laughed a few times, talks a lot.

Eating and Sleeping: Sleeps through all the night almost every night!  Eats 6 oz bottles every 2-4 hrs, started to get on a schedule, wakes up 7-8 am, awake for 1-2 hours, then naps for 2-3 hours, awake for 2 hours, then naps again for 1-2 hours, goes to bed about 8 pm. Goes to sleep easily in the car, started sleeping in her own room

New Places Visited and New Experiences:  Moved to Oregon, Slept almost the whole 2 days of travel, perfect traveler, lots of Oregon beaches, hiking in the Bjorn, Started riding in the stroller,

Health: some congestion left over from RSV, needed to suction her nose every night before bed

Favorite Things and Activities: loves mommy, still likes to be swaddled, likes to be in bouncy seat to watch Rhylan and Gracin, loves to be outside in Bjorn, loves to eat her fingers

Sunday, July 22, 2012


This was my favorite little shirt of Rhylan's, still stinking adorable!

Rainbow fort

We had a ton of boxes laying around, so I made a fort.  Then I remembered this fun idea I saw on Pinterest. I poked holes in the top and pushed Christmas lights thru. They both had a blast looking at the stars:)

Caught in the rain

You have to be prepared around here, it will randomly start raining without warning.  Rhylan was outside and found shelter her own way.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Stained Glass

My mom sent the kids a package filled with fun things to do while we were waiting for our truck.  There were 3 of these full little stained glass kits.  Rhylan did one right away but I forgot about the others until last week.  I remember LOVING these when I was was younger.  Gracin and Rhylan seemed to really enjoy them too.  They both were patient and painted the entire thing.  They are now decorating our window.


Dora hop-scotch is a fun activity at our house!  This was the first time Gracin actually jumped on one foot when there was only one square!  He is figuring so many things out lately, can't believe he is almost 3!

 Gracin throwing his bean bag.

Reorganizing for more advanced users.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Back yard swimming

 The water and weather were a little chilly, they really didn't do much "swimming" mostly standing.
 Eventually everyone got out but Gracin (our neighbors came over) he was shivering and kept saying he was cold but there was NO WAY he was going to get out of that pool.  Those little pools are Gracin's favorite place to be.  Cold or not, he was going to splash to his hearts content.

 I don't know where she learned this, you all know I never taught her to sun tan!!

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