Saturday, July 30, 2011


One day while packing I could hear "Mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmm" coming from the playroom. That is what Gracin says when he eats something he likes. Rhylan said that she made soup for her and Gracin to share. The were both just pretending to eat invisible soup. Apparently it was delicious.

I have a few posts to keep you entertained until I move into our new apartment in the middle of August. Until then, I am visiting with family. These next few post will obviously be while we were still back in Mississippi. (I had them scheduled while I was away!)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Gracin!!!

Gracin turned 2 years old July 22!!! I can't believe I don't have any babies anymore. He is so fun to have in our house. We all LOVE him so much.

He got money in the mail from Nana!
For his birthday he got to open present right when he woke up, so he could play all day long. He had fun opening his presents and really liked the Radiator Springs car mat I made from him--that made my day. He also got a Buzz Lightyear toy. It was taking Riley forever to get him out of the packaging, and Gracin was SOOO patient. He loves all the buttons and he really likes to make him fly around. He also got a remote control Lightning McQueen car that goes on his Geo Track!!! It's pretty awesome. He loves his train set, now he can drive it with a remote, how cool is that?

The remove control car/train:

Later in the afternoon, we did the birthday cake. With packing and moving, I didn't have time to make a cake... not to mention all the pans and ingredients are packed. So he got one from the Grocery story, he got to pick it out. He picked a Toy Story cake over a Cars cake! He was so excited to blow out the candle, we let him do it 3 or 4 times! He had seen me do it just a week before and so he looked like a pro. And I am pretty sure he got more messy this year than he did on his first birthday. He's just like that.

For dinner we went to Chuck E Cheese. He loved eating pizza, running around like a crazy man, and playing all sorts of games. It was fun to watch him having such a good time. Rhylan of course had a blast too!

Things about Gracin:
Loves Cars--Mator especially
Loves Toy Story movies- Buzz especially
Loves train toys
Loves getting dirty
Loves to be outside
Loves to play with water-bath, hose, water table, kiddie pool, cat bowl, cups filled with water, sink, puddles
Loves to watch TV, he cries when we turn it off!!
Loves playing rough
Loves nursery, he runs in and never looks back. They always tell us he is the best one in nursery!
He loves to run free--makes church, music time, and any outing hectic for me.
Likes to be funny and make us laugh
Like to be tackled by Rhylan
Jump off anything- coffee table, couch, chairs, stools,

Favorite book is "Put Me in the Zoo?" Riley reads it to him every night
Favorite songs- Wheels on the bus (he knows all the moves) Baby Shark, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Popcorn Popping
Favorite food- Chicken nuggets, strawberries, Ranch dip, bananas, pizza, mac&cheese, crackers, chips, cake, ice cream,

He can make animal noises for:

He can point to lots of body parts:

He can't say much still, but he loves to talk. He has his own language and it is so funny to hear, it makes me laugh every day. But here are some words he can say:
yes --"DEEE!"
shakes his head and grunts for no
that one

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

One word... stealth

Rhylan came into the room dressed like this and told me she was a detective... stealthy!!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Farewell Southaven!!

So today was my last Sunday in Southaven. I didn't intend on crying before I went to church. I have been so crazy and excited to go that it hasn't hit me yet. But after I had to kind of say good-bye to some of my best friends the tears just came rolling.

Really I am so excited to move, I love moving and I love change. I love that I get another chance to have a fresh start and try out some new experiences. I have always loved it, in my life I have lived in at least 17 houses/apartments. I am not really attached to homes or things.---but friends, that is a different story.

Since we have been married: This is the first place I have lived that I actually made friends. This is the first ward that I have lived in more that 11 months. This is the first ward that I felt at home. Who would have thought all of this would have happened way over here on the other side of the country in Mississippi. These friends I have made here are so genuine. I think these friends are special too because we were brought together because we had to be each others families.

Just today, we were stranded on the way home from church. Without a question one of our friends came to our rescue and took us home and out of the heat. We have had friend who came over to our house at midnight to watch Rhylan when we went to the hospital to have Gracin. We have had several friends bring dinner to us unexpectedly when we really needed help. So many babysitters. We have been stranded other times and been rescued then, too. I locked myself out of the car and house a few times and have had friends who let us come over and crash. So many friends call during hard times. Someone went and took care of Riley and practically carried him up the stairs after his surgery when I couldn't do it. Given me a shoulder to cry on. Someone went grocery shopping for us when we were both physically unable. So many people have build me up spiritually too through their kind words, testimony, example etc.

So many of you have touched our lives and we are so grateful. I do feel sad that I can't go up to every person and give them a hug and say "I love you, and I really am going to miss you. And I really appreciated your friendship." I don't know what I am supposed to do to say goodbye. If I leave without hugging you or talking to you I am so sorry, I love you all!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

I'll be great!!--my new motto

A little conversation as we were finishing up washing dishes. She was rinsing and putting the clean dishes on a towel:

Rhylan: That was fun, we should do this again some time.

Me: Okay you can help me next time I do the dishes.

Rhylan: Next time I want to do the bubble one. (meaning wash, not rinse)

Me: Hmm I don't know the bubble one is kind of tricky.

Rhylan: I bet I'll be great!

Me: Okay you can try it!! --(how could I say no after that!)

--I wish I had that sort of confidence! I told her I don't think she could wash the dishes, it may be too hard and she simply said "I bet I'll be great" Love her!!

And because post are always better with a picture here are a few I took one time during lunch. I love catching these genuine smiles!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Flower Gleam and Glow

I know the video is a little dark, but I LOVE her little voice and the actions that go along with the song:)

Going away swimming party

This summer 5 families that live in our ward and go to SCO are moving, including us. There was a swimming party as a going away party. We had a lot of fun visiting with such good friends and swimming. We have made such good friendships these last 3 years. We really love these guys! We are so excited to move and have another adventure and be closer to family. BUT... we will be really sad to leave all of our friends. At lease a lot of them are moving too, so even if we stayed, they would all leave eventually.

The family
I love these little swimming shirts, less sunscreen!

Rhylan and Louisa, her very first friend here. They are only 3 weeks apart in age and we lived in the same complex our first year, so we hung out a lot. They love hanging out together.

Monday, July 18, 2011

She cracks me up

We are playing house. Here are a few conversations we have had:

Me: Rhylan, where do your grandparents live?
Rhylan: Africa
Me: Why do they live in Africa?
Rhylan: Because they like to go to the beach. Africa is by the beach.

Rhylan: Do you have any kids?
Me: Yeah I have a boy named Gracin.
Rhylan: That's a nice name! I have a little girl, she is a cat.

Rhylan found some left over garage sale stickers...
Rhylan: These are for toys my daughter doesn't want anymore. They tell you how many bucks they are.

Rhylan: Do you know what my mom's name is?
Me: Nope, what is it?
Rhylan: My moms name is Hannah, that's a great name for a mom!

Gracin and the hose

Gracin learned another new trick, he sticks his finger in the hose. As you can see by his happy face, it makes him laugh and smile!!

Pausing to watch a plane fly by.
He was soaking wet, check out the water just dripping off his shorts!

Friday, July 15, 2011


Rhylan came up to me and said "mom I need two diaper boxes." Um... okay. I found her two empty boxes and saw her walk down the hall in this hat and rain boots. So I asked her what's going on. She explained that she needed the boxes to make some horses. She then continued to make a head and some reins for the horse. She even asked me for a saddle... uh... I grabbed a hand towel and put it on top of the box, that worked for her. She has such a good imagination. I was loving watching her play this game. 4 year olds are so fun:)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My birthday

I had a great birthday this year. Riley is so good at making me feel special, loved, appreciated, etc! I am such a lucky girl. I also had several phone calls, texts, and fb messages from friends and family.--THANKS EVERYONE

I did have to go to the dentist. That wasn't the funnest thing, but at least I didn't feel guilty about taking a nap on by birthday:)

I didn't clean my house much:) and I made frozen pizza for dinner so I didn't have to cook.--I got it all figured out. When Riley came home he brought me a dozen pink roses, and we had ice cream cake! It was perfect. After I blew out the candles both of the kids wanted a turn too.
Ready for the most attractive pic of me ever?... to bad:) I had a mouth full of cake.
Gracin had one hand full of pizza and one full of cake.
I had planned a birthday party for myself. I think that is the way to go for sure. I had been thinking about what I wanted to do for a month now. I knew I wanted to go to a restaurant with my friends. Especially since I am leaving in 2 weeks I figured this would also be a sort of good-bye party, as well. I finally decided that we would go to T.G.I. Friday's and all order an appetizer and then we all shared. Oh we had so much delicious food: fried green beans, pot stickers, ribs, shrimp, nachos, artichoke dip, beef skewers, potato skins, and flavored lemonade! I love food like that!! I had so much fun, its so nice to get together with your favorite girls and laugh for 2 hours!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Pop Corn

What do you think...
...time to move up a diaper size? It looks like a string bikini:)
I have been real busy packing, house hunting, editing, etc etc etc so one afternoon I let the kids do this...

Toy Story 3 and popcorn, perfect afternoon activity I think. Especially when the news says we need to stay inside, because the heat index is too high!

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