Saturday, February 18, 2012

Rhylan keeps us on our toes

I wrote out the notes for this song a few weeks ago. I taught her how to read the music and let her practice.  She surprised me this morning by having it memorized.
Watch "Rhylan plays twinkle twinkle pity star" on YouTube

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Gracin is learning to glue

Finding an activity for both the kids to do is sometimes a challenge. It is usually too hard or too easy for one of them. I was so proud of myself this day. We made a color book using Sesame Street characters. For Gracin he just had to match the colored word card to the character made with the same color. For Rhylan I cut up the words so there was only one letter on each paper. We worked together to spell the words. She did amazing. I was really impressed. She has really been learning her letter sounds and has them almost all down. Vowels are tricky and w and y are hard for her. She is so ready for kindergarten!! (socially and mentally!) After Gracin finished his book, he wasn't ready to give up his glue stick just yet, so he practiced gluing paper. He was pretty proud of himself:)

Spraying the Lizard

Rhylan and Gracin love to take turns spraying down the lizard cage. One will pump while the other sprays and then they switch. They are getting better at sharing:)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

8 to go!!!

This last year has been a eventful one for our family, and it is only getting crazier in the next few months!!

Sring 2011, Riley took board exam part 1
May 2011, Riley finished course work and started externship in Memphis TN
July-August 2011, we moved our family across the country to Phoenix AZ
August 2011, Riley started 2nd externship in Arizona
September-December 2011 Lots of traveling to Pinetop AZ to catch up on visiting with family
September 2011, Riley took Boards part 3 exam in North Carolina
November 2011, Riley took Boards part 2 exam in California
December 2011 we moved to St George UT
Jan 2012 Riley started his 3rd and final externship!!
Jan- May 2012, Riley applies for jobs (lots of traveling)
April 2012, Baby girl is due
May 2012, Riley Graduates
June 2012 Hopefully we move to Washington or Oregon to our new job.

We are getting used to change around here! I am nervous, anxious, scared, and excited, for this baby to come. This has been the easiest pregnancy so far. I have only thrown-up once!! My kids have been very willing to let me take naps. I got my energy back during the second trimester, but that is when she started to GROW!!! My lower back is now in constant pain (not usual for my pregnancies.) I think because I am so short I carry my babies out pretty far putting a lot of pressure on my lower back. With Gracin, I went to a chiropractor for the last two months of pregnancy, that helped. We'll see if I get to do that this time. Tylonal PM has become a good friend. I also had placenta privia for a month but luckily it moved out of the way. I'm on the home stretch now!! We are working hard to make friends in our new ward so we can have help watching Rhylan and Gracin when she comes!!--Wish me luck.

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