Friday, August 31, 2012


One thing I like about potty training...  

Cute little underwear buns!!! 
We were out enjoying the lovely weather with a little bubble party.-- Ok we are always outside blowing bubbles.  Luckily I found an awesome homemade bubble solution that works great:)

We even tried a human bubble.  Rhylan was TERRIFIED of the idea at first.  I soon realized she thought once she was "inside the bubble"  she was going to float away!! She got over it when I showed her what would happen.  This was pretty fun.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

So big!

She is getting so big!! She actually fits perfectly in her exersaucer now!!

She even fits well in her brand new high chair!  She is growing too fast.


Hazel was trying so hard to roll over.  She is very persistent.  It payed off, she figured it out about 10 days later.  Poor thing it was 10 more days of this...  

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Super Gracin!!

I finally decided to potty train Gracin.  I had the worst experience potty training Rhylan so I was pretty much dreading it.  In fact, after I trained Rhylan at age 2.5 and it took 5 months, I vowed to not train Gracin until after he was 3 year old.  My good friend and neighbor told me about a "3 Day Method" she used and said it worked.  She sent me the e-book and after reading it, I decided we could do this!  The only problem was you aren't allowed to leave the house for 3 day straight, not even for 10 min.  I wanted to follow every single rule to the T, to hopefully get quick results.  I looked at my calendar, If I waited until Rhylan was in school I would have to take her and pick her up from school... So it needed to happen before then.  And well the only 3 days that were free were the very next 3 days. 

The first day he had 9 accidents.  That is 9 wet underwear, no dirty underwear!! 
Day two, 4 wet underwear.
Day three, 0 wet underwear!!!

Seriously I will do this method every time from now on.  And wait until they are 3 years old.  It is not worth the head ache before then to me.  The first day he begged for his diaper back, saying "I can't do it!!"  I was so patient and loving--very proud of that:)  But I made sure he knew it was okay to make mistakes.  Because really this is something they have done one way for so long, I bet it is really hard to learn a new way.  I am sure it would take me forever to learn to do something new like this.  With that perspective we handled our days.  For the next few days after that he wouldn't get to the potty fast enough and have some wet spots.  After about 2 weeks he was totally accident free.  I am so proud of him.  He really loves being a big boy. 

I love the super hero underwear he picked out:)
I wanted to show you the freckles he is getting on his cheeks.  I love freckles--- I should, I only have about 4 billion of them.  Then only person I have ever met with more freckles than me is my mom.

Tutu Soccer

Rhylan and Fancy Nancy are so alike sometimes.

We signed her up for soccer this fall.  We got her a ball and she decided to "practice" one day.  I just thought it was impressive she could run and kick with this tutu on!

Gracin thought it was strange too...

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Probably my favorite picture right now!  These two love each other.  Hazel can't get enough of Rhylan dancing, talking, or making funny faces for her.  And Rhylan can't hold, help, or make Hazel smile more!


Wall track

Since all of Gracin's birthday presents ended up being lame, we returned them.  I found these cool Wall Tracks by Hot Wheels.  They have a bunch of different sets.  While we were in Medford the first weekend in August we went to Target and grabbed him this flame jumper one!  He loves it.  You mount the track to the wall with 3M sticky strips so it doesn't make holes but stays in place.  It's a lot of fun, the car does 2 full jumps in the air.  And he can use any matchbox or hot wheel car he has. 

So peaceful

I just love her to pieces!! 

Painting owls

Despite Gracin's attitude toward getting his picture taken, they both loved making these.  They each picked out the color they wanted, and glued them together without my help!  Of course Rhylan is a pro at this kind of stuff, but Gracin is getting better and has a longer attention span every day!!

I am starting a preschool at home with him next week, I am excited to see him learn and grow!

Little chefs

Rhylan came up to me one day and asked if I had any chef hats.  I grabbed the tape and some paper and ta-da, chef hats!!  Rhylan set up a kitchen in her toy room for her an Gracin.  I grabbed my 101 cookies cookbook and they carefully, thoughtfully decided on a recipe.

Discussed the recipe
Measured the ingredients
Poured them into the bowl and made a delicious batch of cookies. 
 I just love their little imaginations.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

who's checking