Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tree hunters

This year we went shopping for a Christmas tree at a Christmas tree lot instead of Home Depot.  It was a fun outing itself.  We picked the most beautiful tree ever.  And unlike out last years tree from Home Depot, it lasted past Christmas.  I guess you get what you pay for.  I don't think I actually got a picture here of the tree we took home!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

On her belly

Pink day

At school, Rhylan's behavior is recorded with a color.  Red, orange, and yellow are bad, green is a good day.  This means she obeyed every time never got in trouble, but didn't go out of her way to be amazing.  A green day is our goal and that is usually what she gets (she's never gotten red, orange, or yellow!)  Most classes stop there but in her class you can get blue, purple, or even pink.  Pink days are rare and very special.  She was the second kid in her class to ever get on pink.  I was so proud of her.  She's has gotten lots of blue and purple days and even a few more pink days.  One pink day we went to McDonald after dinner for a treat!

Still wearing shorts

We can wear shorts through most of November here.  We love it:)

Helping unload

I have some good helpers!!

Phoenix children's museum

One day we had a few extra hours to spend in Phoenix before a reception.  We decided to head to the Children's museum in Phoenix.  I've been before with Rhylan, and knew it would be a fun day.  There were so many things to do, some big hits were the fort/tree house room, the noodle forest, and the wind room.

A day at our house

I have so many pictures on my phone of us just doing our day to day things.  On any given day you can find us :
Reading in the reading corner/fort
making chalk murals
smiling for pictures
playing in the pillows and blankets
making big messes and playing with ponies
running and pushing
messing up the kitchen
and riding a scooter on the back patio because it's perfect weather!!


This cutie need a haircut bad!  She fought me on this but I think she is glad she can have her hair "straight down" every day now.  We cut off about 5 inches, she looks so adorable for school every day.  My friend said she never has kids sit so still during a haircut before. 

Ears pierced

Hazel was the bravest girl ever!  We randomly decided to get her ears pierced one day at the mall.  Rhylan had hers done when she was 6 months old so its way over due.  We set her down expecting the worst.  We had prepared by buying her a milkshake for a reward.  Those tears are because I had to take away the shake during the piercing.  She sat on daddy's lap, held on to her bear and played a game on my phone.  The girl said okay, then CLICK!! One done, all Hazel did, was give her a side glance and then turn back to her game.  She asked "are you sure she can feel pain!!??" Hazel didn't even flinch, cry, or try to get away.  We thought Riley would have to hold a crying kicking baby for the next ear but she didn't even move!  Such a trooper.  These tears are still because I took away her shake before, she got it back right away.

Desert museum

This year we got a membership to the Desert Museum (Zoo) instead of the Tucson Zoo. We have really enjoyed going there this last month.  There are Arizona animals (ground hogs, snakes, cougars, bobcats, coyotes, javalina, turtles etc) There is a humming bird house--our favorite place, a larger aviary, caves with dinosaur bones digging area, rocks and crystals with microscopes, and aquariums with sea creatures. 

We took some friends one day.

How Rhylan sees me

I sometimes have mommy guilt, there are many times I think I am not trying my best.  I feel frustrated sometimes and loose my temper.  I really try hard to not yell or get so upset but honestly I'm not perfect.  This is an are in my life that I am striving to improve but often feel I'm falling short.  I just want my kids to know I love them and care more for them than they could understand.  While cleaning I found this picture Rhylan drew of her and I.  I had to stop and smile.  If this is the way she sees me I must be doing something right.  This is now my phone wallpaper, reminding me that I am doing great, keep it up:)

Lazy, rainy, Saturday

Saturday morning cartoons is a tradition in my house.  It allows me a little bit of sleeping in now that I wake up early with Rhylan every school day.  Pajamas are required attire at these sort of parties.

Monday, December 9, 2013

No dogs allowed

It looks like we will never have a dog --darn!!:)  Gracin had this reaction after a dog licked him on the face.  I've seen him have similar reactions to dogs before but this was the worst. 

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Christmas preparations

Jingle Bell came back to visit our house this year.  All 3 kids loved searching for her each morning.

Riley decorated our house with Christmas lights. 

Front tooth

who's checking