Monday, January 5, 2015

Hazel Bug

Colossal Cave

The day after Christmas we headed to Colossal Cave for an adventure.

Little model

My sweet little model

Christmas eve and morning

Christmas Eve we spent eating yummy Mexican food and visiting with family.  The kids were so excited for Santa to visit our house!!  They woke up early Christmas morning to find Santa had come, it was a magical morning.  Rhylan loved her talking bird, stick horse, How to Train Your Dragons 2, and a new Lego set.  Gracin loved his new Dragon Bike, blow dart gun, Planes 2 movie, and his magnet building set.  Hazel loved her doll house, Frozen microphone, and her kitty.

Story time

The kids love getting extra story time when Grammy C and Papa come to town.

Saturday, January 3, 2015


We had some fun with Rhylan's hair in December!  And Hazel even let me curl her hair for church!! 

Green Valley house

My parents came the weekend before Christmas.  We had lots of fun!  The first night we headed to this house I had heard about in Green Valley with an amazing display.  Yep it was pretty great!  You actually get out of your car and walk a round on a trail to see it all.  

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