Monday, July 14, 2014


"Because I'm happy! Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof" Our favorite song right now:)

Marble run

We are having so much fun with this marble run I found for $3 at DI!! Gracin has spent the most time with this toy.  It is hard for him to built it, so that is my job.Then I spend lots of time defending it from Hazel so Gracin can play before it gets destroyed!!

Light table

I made this light table in preparation for my preschool starting in the fall.  Gracin really likes to play with the new color blocks.  I made these with a Jenga game, colored dividers, and and hot glue!  He enjoys color blending, lining the up in rainbow order,  stacking them, and looking trough them.

Just some pictures of kids being kids:)  Hazel loves the tramp! She can jump alone or with the "big kids" it doesn't matter she is just happy to jump.  Rhylan loves swinging, trying to do cartwheels or run on the grass.  Gracin loves to draw with chalk, play in the water and jump on the tramp too.

2 water tables is best

One hot afternoon in April we were playing outside while waiting for Rhylan to come home from school.  We discovered 2 water tables are way better than 1!!  I love Hazel's concentration as she pours water into this cup.


We love hanging out in our backyard, especially when it involved popsicles!! Which is pretty much every day:)

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