Monday, March 10, 2014

Toy room camp out

Sometimes my phone can take really aweful pictures!


Hazel went a couple days where these sunglasses were not out of her sight!! Yes even nap time.

Cougar encounter

Gracin and Hazel looked like tasty snacks for this cougar one day at the Desert Museum/Zoo.  He came right up to the glass and was staring them down and pacing.  Freaky but cool.

Hazel loves Frenchy

Hazel is always trying to sneak in to see Frenchy (and make a big mess) in Rhylan's room.  She seriously adores her.  Frenchy I think is terrified of Hazel.

Learning to help

Gracin is now in-charge or unloading the silverware from the dishwasher.  I often find my drawer looking like this:) But at least I didn't have to unload it!!

Game night

I sometimes feel like I don't get enough time with Rhylan.  She goes to school at 6:50am then comes home at 2:30.  After that I am putting Hazel down for nap, helping with homework and making dinner.  I've started to plan a game after dinner with the kids.  It's been fun and they really look forward to it.  This is one of the new games we bought.  Gracin also enjoys playing it be himself throughout the day.

Learning colors

I have been helping Hazel learn the colors lately.  She loves it!  I found her matching these blocks all by herself one day.  She's a smarty just like her siblings:)

Still my baby

As my kids grow they really grow out of naps fast!!  My older kids were done with naps by 2 1/2 years old.  Hazel is almost 2 and she only takes about 3 naps a week.  I am usually pretty desperate and try to rock her to sleep without any luck.  If I put her in bed while she's awake its about a 50/50 chance that she will just talk for an hour.  So I cherish the moments that remind me she is still small and still my baby:)

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Swimming in February

Fun with daddy

The kids got Skylanders for Christmas.  This has been something fun for them to do with Daddy!  They love spending any time they can with him, even if it mean they are climbing all over him.

First chapter book

Rhylan received her first chapter book for Christmas, Junie B Jones.  She is an excellent reader and is reading well above average for a 1st grader. This was the first day she started reading her book.  I loved watching her and listening to her giggle as she read.


Hazel's little personality is really starting to show!  She is one funny little girl with a spunky attitude.  Terrible two's are hitting hard and she can often be found throwing a huge fit!  But other times she is a great helper like these moments:
Active Tablet User
Potato Wrangler (she actually pulled them out and put them back in over and over again)

Cozy sleeper-she loves to sleep with all these stuffed animals.  This particular day they HAD to be under her head.

Flying high and day dreams

These kids spend so much time on their new trampoline!  They are finding new ways to jump every day.  They are even using it for other activities: bubble blowing station, club house, cloud watching area, wrestling arena, fort, etc.  BEST.GIFT.EVER!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Madera canyon snow

Forever ago (March 1) we went on a hike in Madera Canyon.  We actually saw snow on the top, but never got close enough to touch.  My kids love being outside so it was a fun family outing for us.

Family date

Just a fun family hike up Madera Canyon:)

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