Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Just hanging round the house

Is this not the cutest Grammy/granddaughter pic EVER!!!
This one is pretty cute too:)
We spent a lot of time with bubbles. My dad was trying to prefect the art I think. They even went out and got some "more elastic" bubble solution. We may never to back, it is amazing.

We of course has to fit in some hide and seek:)
And my mom and I went and got glitter toes! That was her mothers day gift.
Grammy Sue and Rhylan had a fancy tea party... a few times. My mom brought this porcelain Fairy tea set that Rhylan asked her to bring from her house. She remembered if from last spring when we were at her house. Rhylan added a few gold piece from her own set for the fancy princes party.

Papa was always trying to hang with Gracin. One morning these two just hung out in the back yard by themselves while us women got ready. I love the second pic, my dad was throwing a ball up on the roof and they would watch it fall down. I forgot, we did that ALL THE TIME in our yard growing up. And yes... my dad is wearing chili pepper p.j.'s he's cool like that.

Rhylan loved to have Grammy read her a story before bed.
Papa brought this little flute/pipe. It was pretty cool Rhylan would blow the right beat and my dad would use his fingers and they played twinkle twinkle little star! Rhylan was so proud of herself.
There were many many tickle wars going on. This particular one involved puppets.
This is the little toy that won Gracin over. He didn't let go of it for that whole week.
And of course his other hand had the magnifying glass... His hands are always full..

Monday, May 30, 2011

Week with Grammy Sue and Papa Chris

My parents were finally able to come out and visit!!! The last time I saw them was last April, yeah over a year ago. When they called saying they were buying plane tickets to come for a visit, I cried! I never thought I would go a whole year without seeing my parents. It was just so weird. It is so hard not knowing when I would see them again. But when they left we weren't as sad because I will be back in Arizona in about 2 months!!!

We Skyped a few times to help the kids remember and get familiar with Grammy and Papa before they got here. Rhylan didn't really need that, she remembered and was instantly comfortable with them. She loved playing and hanging with them. Gracin took a slower approach. After some bribing with new toys, he warmed up to them.

The first day they were here we went to the zoo! We don't have a zoo pass anymore and the kids had been dying to go. The weather was perfect, we had a blast.

I wanted this pic of me and the kids in front in case this was the last time we go. We have had some really fun days at this zoo.

Gracin checking out the flamingos.

Oh Rhylan.... at least my dad's eyes were open.

This is probably one of my favorite pictures of the week!
Rhylan sure like to hang with Papa.

Probably our favorite exhibit of they day.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Last of Gatlinburg TN

Our first hour we were in our Cabin, Gracin fell in the shower and landed right on the rails for the sliding door... on his face!! He was bleeding like crazy and crying. He had a huge cut on his jaw and we couldn't tell where the blood was coming from in his mouth. The next day we finally noticed his tongue. It looked like this for days, this helped him be a little extra cranky most of the trip, even with Tylenol.

The rest of our trip was spent:
Window shopping
Touring a time share to get some free tickets
Dixie Stampede -free tickets!
Indoor water park-free tickets!
Eating out
Eating ice cream--see pics below!

There were lots of candy shops, we got some home made taffy YUM!!

Another train

Gracin discovered that the water table has a train. He used to throw the tracks on the ground and use the train cars as buckets, but now he loves that train. I don't even need to put water in the table for him to have a great time. He is such a boy, I love it.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Little paper birds

Rhylan requested a bird craft. This one was perfect, Gracin even colored the wings for his birds!

He is getting good at drawing circles, he wants to color every day!
Also he is both handed...

She loves to use stencils, I made this one out of a plastic lid.

Tag and Hide-and-seek

We love our backyard. Lately we have been playing tag...

Rhylan has also discovered hide and seek, her new favorite game for sure.
"I found you Rhylan and Gracin!!!"
"Found you mamma!!"

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