Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Hazel's birthday at the park

My family came to visit for Hazel's first birthday!  We spent the day at the park. We watched turtles and ducks in the pond, explored in palm trees and took my sister's family pictures.  It was perfect weather and we had such a nice time.  Hazel liked getting some extra attention.
Here is the birthday girl happy as can be walking around the park.
Gracin is checking out some turtles in the lake/pond.
I just love when she makes this face.  Hazel with Aunt Carly.
After a while the boys wanted to rest and have a snack.
Rhylan couldn't slow down and stop exploring for something as silly as a snack!

My parents, this month is their 30th anniversary!
Aunt Carly and Gracin.  Gracin really loves Aunt Carly, ever since we lived close to her in Phoenix about a year and a half ago, and we saw her all the time.
Me, Carly, and Tiffany --sisters

Gracin kind of slipped in the water and was pretty upset about it.  He needed another snack break.  Check out all the remains form his snacks all around him (orange peal, fruit snack wrapper, dried apple bag, and who knows what in his hands!).  Haha this boy loves to eat.

I'm big too!

Hazel thinks she is as big as Rhylan and Gracin.  She tries hard to do what they do.  This day Rhylan was helping me cook.  Hazel was right there waiting her turn.

Little Lizard

Here is just a little friend Riley and Rhylan caught in the back yard. They actually let him go instead of keeping him as a pet this time!!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Green Smoothie

Hazel likes to share my morning green smoothie!  I don't mind, whenever I can sneak in a few more vegetables for my kids that's great. 

Eating letters

Two different bath days

This day I got her hair to stand up and we all thought it was funny!

Here is another day. Hazel loves to play with (but mostly eat) the bath letters.  I just wanted to get some pictures of her before this phase is over.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Kiwi Pop

I made some of these kiwi pops--recipe found HERE. They are SO DELICIOUS!!!  My kids wouldn't eat the kiwi plain so I made these and they actually gobbled them up!  Hazel was cracking me up.  Every bite she took she would stick the entire pop inside her mouth and suck on it first before taking a bite. She could eat these faster than Rhylan and Gracin!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Not Happy About It!

March 11, 2013--This was the first day Hazel started walking (sort of)!!  She stood up and took 10 steps that morning!  I was so excited I made her do it over and over again trying to get video and pictures of her.  She was not happy about it...I know this picture just brakes my heart but I also wanted to remember how cute she was during her melt downs:)
She insisted she must put on this necklace before she took a single step.
 I was taking so many pictures of her walking I thought at least a bow in her hair would be nice. But a bow with jammies didn't seem logical.  So I decided then and there to change her outfit from those p.j.'s and do a quick little shoot... not happy about that either. 
Look at those sweet legs walking!

And I'm so glad I did!! After I put her in this metal bucket I was able to get a few really nice pictures of her.  I hadn't done a shoot for her in a few months and these were so perfect!

This one (below) is my favorite picture of the day!  It's going on my wall. Hazel is so sweet and easy going.  I just thought the prefect little expression on her face displayed her personality perfectly.


Loving Minnie

Hazel got this Minnie doll from Disneyland.  She absolutely adores it! She sleeps with her every night. Sometimes when I go to get her out of bed she grabs Minnie to make sure she is coming too.  Hazel always hugs her Minnie doll and gives her kisses!

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